In-shore Fishing Pictures

In-shore fishing pictures of some of the Giants we have had onboard with us here in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Monster Snook March 6 - 7 2014

Over two days there were some monsters caught in-shore here in Quepos, one is a pending World Record at 61 pounds.




February 9 2014 Another Monster

This was caught on the Blue Pearl 2 and was described as the biggest Roosterfish they ever saw.


Monster roosterfish January 9 2014

This makes it 2 Monsters in 3 Days for Captain Ricardo on the IDRA II.


Monster Roosterfish January 6 2014


brocken-reelThis Roosterfish was caught January 6 2014 on the IDRA II and what a fight this fisherman had. After a 2 hour fight and they thought they had the fish caught the unthinkable happens and the fish takes another run and the reel breaks off the rod. The final fight was done using the line as a hand line and thats how they got the fish to the boat for this great picture.


Another Grouper this one on April 2 2013 on the Chasing Bills

Grouper April 2 2013

A Monster Grouper caught in Quepos, Costa Rica March 30 2013 on the Mirse Azul.


This Monster Roosterfish was caught in January of 2013.