Night Fishing in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

There is something magical about night fishing in Quepos / Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The best time to go is during a full moon. The ocean is quiet and peaceful with the moonlight reflecting on the water. Night is feeding time for most fish making it an ideal time to catch a really big one.  In the solitude and tranquility of fishing by the surf or in a boat, you will find fish move into the shallows to feed. Landing a fish in total darkness is like no other fishing experience. For the angler wanting a real thrill, it is all about night fishing. In the In the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area the many choices to night fish include surf, rivers, mangroves and the deep blue clear Pacific Ocean.

Catching Fish at night

Catching a giant fish in total darkness is an adrenaline rush.  Adding to the rush is the fact that at night, you are likely to encounter sharks.  Sport fishing at night is also the best time to catch Snook.  A favorite way to fish at night is by the surf.  Positioned in a comfortable chair, you can anchor in and listen to the waves pounding against the shore while staring up at a million stars in the sky.

Successful night fishing

For successful night fishing in the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area the most important thing is to make sure you have the right guide that is properly prepared in terms of gear and safety.  For bait fishing use a neon green line so that you can light it with a neck light and monitor the position of your bait.  Fish with heads because after long hours on a dark beach there is an inclination to become less diligent when it comes to checking bait and heads last longer.

Night Fishing the Mar1

Night fishing was one of the main focuss when the boat was completely overhauled in late 2014. With multiple lights and colors in various locations the Mar1 will bring the fish to you. The lighting was not only designed for fishing but Safety as well making sure that the Mar1 will be seen by anyone within miles of your night fishing location.

Surf fishing at night

Some would choose surf fishing over going out in a boat at night here in Manuel Antonio.  But either way, there is something special about being out on the water at night. If you are an angler looking to find a guide that is willing to fish at night then you have found the right page. Night fishing in Quepos / Manuel Antonio is the ultimate experience for sport fishing. 

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