Costa Rica Rainforest Tours

rainforest-tourAn impressive winding river and dramatic cliff-hanging waterfalls surround these carefully built platforms over the rainforest canopy. Travel from treetop to treetop suspended from platforms that use pulleys and horizontal traverse cables. As you sail through treetops, peer out over the seemingly never-ending tropical beauty of the forest canopy below. A tour expert assists and guides you through different heights of the pristine rain forest.

From the time you lift off the ground until you rappel to the forest floor, an expert explains all the trip highlights so you can revel in a real-time experience throughout your tropical nature journey. rainforest-toursThis unique activity is like none other you will experience. The light “foot print” it offers helps to aid in the preservation of the rainforest ecology while also providing an up-close experience of the abundance and beauty of the rainforest. This wonderful canopy adventure can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Suspension cables were designed specially by expert engineers in suspension mechanics.

Rainforest tours from Mar 1 Sport Fishing Quepos

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