Costa Rica Maps and Information

costa-rica-mapThe Republic of Costa Rica covers 19,560 sq. miles (50,660 sq. km) with an estimated population (2010 est) of 4,516,220. Laura Chinchilla is a Costa Rican politician and she was sworn in as the first female President of Costa Rica .on May 8, 2010. The government is Democratic Republic.

Costa Rica map is separated by 7 Provinces, then those 7 Provinces are separated into 81 Cantons, and those Cantons are separated into 473 districts.

The Costa Rican Provinces are:

Most people that visit Costa Rica Usually find the areas a little differently named, and there are few of the areas that named the same but most are different when it comes to directions when you are in the country and they are and why it is nice to have a map:


For More maps or information about these specific areas please look here:


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